Rebecca has been doing great.

Now, in ninth grade, Rebecca is still enjoying school.

In the fall, Rebecca was a member of the Cross Country running team, participating in the 3-mile races across varied terrain.  In the spring, she is on the track team, usually doing the 2-mile race, sometimes the 1-mile (excuse me, 3200 meter and 1600 meter) race.

Piano continues with Mrs. Heather Peterson as Rebecca advances to more complex music.

In addition, this year Rebecca has participated in singing an Italian aria for the music contest, a reading in speech, scholastic bowl, Key Club, and book club.

It seems Peoria Academy prepared her well for high school.  In the fall semester, she was either 1st, 3rd or tied for first in her class of 256, depending on the source.  Amazing, whichever.  She works hard on her academic studies - especially combined with all the other activities, so she may not maintain that level.  Second semester is still running all "A" grades, but fewer "A+" grades.  Fantastic!