Challenger II page

Proposed paint job for my Challenger II long wing with standard nose, Mylar wings, strut fairings, Rotax 503dcdi 53 hp and I'll add wheel pants sometimes.

Links and pages

Doors-on yaw stability picture project

Quad City Ultralight - factory for the Challengers

Canadian dealer - good website for Challengers

What I ordered from QCU and options

Categories of Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft Privilege Chart

Sport Pilot rule (just the rule, not the 450 pages of FAA comments)

Motorglider option

Third door modification

Wide Body option

Antenna Emissions info

Challenger with house paint

Rotax 503 / HKS-700 comparison

Grand Tour dream

Testing fuel for presence of alcohol

UltraFlight Radio                  Click for East Peoria, Illinois Forecast

Status of project (chronological order)
May 15 - placed order
May 29 - Sold Ercoupe
June 2 - Picked up tail kit and parachute
July 1 - ordered oil injection from QCU
July 6 - ordered StratoMaster Extreme instrument package
July 12 - ordered Mike Harrison's Hegar wheel/brake/fiberglass-gear package
Early August - received Stratomaster "Extreme" instrument package
September - received oil injection kit - plane should arrive soon
October 5th - received fuselage & wings (but not engine)
Everything's on hold till after Karen's surgery
December 18 - Finally got the indoor garage cleaned out and the kit moved inside - construction is started.
Summer - working on movable trim tabs for elevator and tail

  Pictures of the kit as received before construction started

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