Challenger with housepaint


Here are pictures of the Challenger II painted by Robert G. Schawalder

Discusson on the Flychallenger list:


Robert wrote:
I just finished my wings this AM with SW's best outdoor latex. At $42 a gallon I couldn't be more pleased and when you shine a light from inside there is no penatration, meaning that the first coat of grey is blocking any UV. I know it's dealers choice how you do your own finishing and I was just as pleased with the Poly Fiber products I used on my first airplane, but the biggest differance I can find is that I spent about $2000 less! It's worth looking at as an option.

Allen asked:
> Did you spray all your coats, or use a brush/roller. Also was it high gloss latex enamel?

Robert answers:
I rolled the fuselage after adding flotrol since I did this in my basement over the winter. Came out nice and smooth when dry. The wings I used flotrol the same but sprayed with a Wagner electric. I hung the wings and the first light coat was north and south and the second was east and west a bit heavier to cover. Both are the high gloss.

Vilis Nams asked:
> does the paint cover the weave of the cloth?

Robert answers:
Yes it does. Since I did most of the covering in my basement this past winter I used the Ceconite fabric (2.7 oz.) with Cecobond water based cement. The Cecobond is also used as a filler, same as poly brush. I sprayed one coat of a grey SW latex as a UV blocker and white over top. No light penatration at all and shines similar to Aerothane.


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The wings will have a blue trim same as tail feathers.