Hi Coupers,

While working on an Alon wing this weekend, I decided to remove a portion of the rear spar to better inspect the amount of corrosion I thought I was seeing. Guess what I found. (Besides all the white stuff!!)

I found that only 3 of the 14 rivets that connect the rear spar hinge fitting to the rear spar were actually working/connected any more. Ten of the rivets had their heads corroded off, and one had the aluminum split so it was not doing much good.

Needless to say, it is getting fixed. I am attaching a picture of the area, and you can see all the blank holes.

Lynn Nelsen


Click on photo for closeup


Lynn sent the following two photos of center section corrosion.  Click on the photo for full image, if you want.

Hi Fellow Coupers; I have inspected the second Florida Alon, and found corrosion in the RH stub wing on this one. After removing the wings, I could see several spots on the bottom skin, and a small area around the same spot that Hartmut found corrosion in his Coupe. So I removed the bottom skin. The corrosion on the bottom skin had worked its way under almost all of the stiffeners, especially around about 1/2 of the rivets. The three front rivets that hold the upper connecting angle to the rib have their heads corroded off.

I know this is not nearly as serious as the first one I reported (Thatone was not a flying airplane) however, it looks like we need to take a close look at all of our Coupes to ensure we keep them safe.

Lynn Nelsen