Coupe landings Crosswind landings Priming

Coupe-specific flying techniques
(i.e. crosswind landings, etc.)

with information I choose to publish
to support all those who fly the various models of
Ercoupes, Aircoupes and Mooney M-10s

Disclaimer: We have no professional or expert qualifications of any kind.
It's fully up to you to check any information you find here with
standard aviation industry sources such as aircraft maintenance
manuals, flying instruction books and, above all, FAA regulations!

These documents are a distillation I've made of information I've received in association with Coupes since buying my Coupe in January of 1979. This is the best information I have found based on my judgment as a complete amateur in aviation.


Coupe landings per Fred Weick and Bob Sanders

Snubber Cable and Crosswind Landings

Coupe crosswind landing video (at 5:40 in video)

Coupe-like crosswind landing video send this link to rudder pedal snobs