Pre-purch inspect Annual checklist ercoupe/OwnerAssistedAnnual.htm Preventive Mainten. Modify/replace Landing gear spacers Nose gear Gascolators Radio-TSO required? Fixing Radio Noise Instrument TSO requirements

Coupe maintenance hints and tips

with information I choose to publish
to support all those who fly the various models of
Ercoupes, Aircoupes and Mooney M-10s

Disclaimer: We have no professional or expert qualifications of any kind.
It's fully up to you to check any information you find here with
standard aviation industry sources such as aircraft maintenance
manuals, flying instruction books and, above all, FAA regulations!

These documents are a distillation I've made of information I've received in association with Coupes since buying my Coupe in January of 1979. This is the best information I have found based on my judgment as a complete amateur in aviation.



Hartmut's with maintenance, repair and other info - a prime resource!

Pre-purchase Inspection of a Coupe

Annual Inspection Checklist

Owner Assisted Annual Inspection Advice

Many photos of disassembled Coupes and parts of Coupes

Best Practices Guide for Maintaining Aging General Aviation Airplanes

FAA Advisory Circular: Parts and Materials Substitution for Vintage Aircraft
    The file is in .PDF format.  You need Adobe Reader to view and print it. 
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Preventive maintenance - who and what

Modification and replacement approval requirements
    The file is in .PDF format.  You need Adobe Reader to view and print it. 
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Landing gear spacers to return on-the-ground attitude to factory design
   This is important, in particular, to crosswind landing and takeoff safety. 
    The file is 387kb so give it a few moments to download.
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Nose wheel steering inspection

Snubber cable issues


Radio TSO requirement

Fixing Radio Noise

Instrument TSO requirement

Generator/Regulator test

Airspeed indicator errors

Pitot/Static tube diagram

Wing corrosion


Small Airplanes Regulations and Policies (FAA website)

CG and luggage compartment options

C-75 to C-85 conversion information

Installing an O-200 in an LSA Ercoupe (415-C or 415-CD)

Testing fuel for presence of alcohol

Mixture full rich before descent!

Sample form 337 approvals
    includes split elevator form 337 sample

Oil blow-out through the breather tube

Fuel system

Forney wiring diagram

Fuel tank rebuilding and sales

Stromberg Mixture & Secrets.pdf (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) from here.)

Ercoupe/Aircoupe gust lock

The "rope trick" for stuck valves (on a Lycoming website) (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) from here.)

Continental Service Bulletin M47-16 and Supplement 1
    Conversion of C-75 to C-85 and Supplement 1 conversion of C-75 or C-85 to be C-90

Window Cleaning

Belleville Spring installation

Magneto problem and solution - less usual but may match your problem

Propeller Torque Table for McCauley fixed pitch metal props