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Ed Burkhead's
personal Coupe pages

with information I choose to publish
to support all those who fly the various models of
Ercoupes, Aircoupes and Mooney M-10s

Please note that my web pages have no
affiliation or relationship with the
Ercoupe Owners Club (other than a great deal of respect).
However, some material I've written is also posted on the
EOC site with my permission and some of my links below
take you to the EOC website (

Disclaimer: I have no professional or expert qualifications of any kind.
It's fully up to you to check any information you find here with
standard aviation industry sources such as aircraft maintenance
manuals, flying instruction books and, above all, FAA regulations!

These documents are a distillation I've made of information I've received in association with Coupes since buying my Coupe in January of 1979. This is the best information I have found based on my judgment as a complete amateur in aviation.


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Type certificate Data Sheets:   

Aircraft Specification A-718 for 415-C and CD
Type Certificate Data Sheet No. A-787 for 415-D and all later models
Type Certificate Data Sheet No. E-233 for Continental C-75 and C-85 engines

Skyport Ercoupe Services  first choice for Coupe parts and service IMHO
      (Note: I have no financial interest or association with Skyport
        I just think they've been the best source for parts, kits and support)


Ercoupe Owners Club website

How to join the Ercoupe Owners Club

New Ercoupe Owners Club T-shirt

Special:   FAA Airworthiness Concern Sheet  August 14, 2009

        Fred Weick reply to question about spar holes

Frequently Asked Questions about Coupes

Buy, Sell, Trade - Coupe related Ercoupe/Aircoupe Trading Post

Why buy a Coupe?

Eligible as an LSA?

Model preferences

Pre-purchase inspection of a Coupe

Annual inspection checklist

Coupe maintenance and mechanics

Sources for new and used parts

Performance information

Sport Pilot issues

Coupe-specific flying techniques (i.e. crosswind landings)

Required documents for flying

Ercoupe model summary chart

Wind tunnel spin testing of Ercoupe models

Twin Ercoupe photos

Bill Coons Book  Shoot Only at the Red Airplane

Bill Coons Art Gallery

How to fly to Alaska - a starter guide

Portugal Airport

Cross Country trips in a Coupe

My favorite Coupe websites  

You may contact me at:  ed -at- edburkheadQQQQ . com
    (change the -at- to @ and remove the "Q"s and spaces.

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